The Original Geyser Pumping Solar Water Heater

Eldon Haines and Bob Block

Home of the Copper Cricket Geyser Pumping Solar Water Heater

Hailed as the best solar water heater in the world, and included in Popular Science Magazine's Top 100 Products of 1989, the Copper Cricket was the better mousetrap. We worked hard for 13 years, but the path was never beaten to our door, and after those long years of development, marketing and manufacturing for a market that never materialized we were exhausted and out of options. The manufacturing company Sage Advance went bankrupt in 1995.

Working with Eldon Haines at Sunrise Research, and then at Sage Advance developing the technology, transforming the technology into a product and then marketing it across the U.S. was truly an honor and the most fun I've ever been paid to have. (Well maybe except for the last few weeks, when I was fired as president of the company. That wasn't fun at all.)

Since then the patents have expired, but many people have contacted me about the technology either because they are interested in manufacturing it, or because they have or want a Copper Cricket.

My intention for this Web site is to make the tecnology we developed available to anyone who wants it. I have collected much of the technical information, patents, drawings and articles, and will be posting them here as soon as I convert them to current Web friendly technologies.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or are looking for someting related to this project.


Bob Block


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