An Idea for a Workshop

I’ve been thinking about the many people who say they would like to build their own Cricket or Dragon system. When people asked me about this when we were manufacturing and selling systems, my feeling was that it was too complex to do. Several of our competitors in the industry at that time tried to build their own (without our assistance) and failed to get them to work. One even hired one of our installers to troubleshoot their¬†plagiarized¬† system. But now, that I’m back at the basics stage, I think building system similar to our early prototypes would be a fairly simple thing to do. This weekend I happened to drive by one that we installed in 1985. I saw that it was still on the roof . . I just called the owner. He answered the phone number that I had for him 30 years ago. His system is still working. I’m on my way over there right now to take some photos.

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